Tomorrow is the day!

Check out the rendering for tomorrow’s episode of Fix It! This reno was my most challenging yet, but not for reasons you would expect! Check your local listings!

TODAY is the day!

My #CoutureKitchen reno on Fix It is airing today! Check your local listings!


I was attacked! Check out this funny behind the scenes clip from one of my renos on Fix It And Finish!

Who says scientists are boring?

The girls get in the shot. Who says scientists are boring? Not me.


This snap is priceless!

Logan and his brother baby Corbin Danger play on their new couch #FixItAndFinish gave them!


From My First Reno!

Check out this snap from my first Reno on Fix It And Finish It in Montgomery!


Baby Corbin Learns To Walk!

Baby Corbin learns to walk on the new floor “Fix It and Finish It” gave them!


TODAY is the day!

So grateful for the opportunity I had this week to create a recording studio! Check your local listings and watch my episode today on Fix It And Finish It!


Nicki’s Neo Soul Recording Studio!

I’m creating some serious Nicki-Neo-Soul this week on #FixItAndFinish! Tune in this Friday to see the finished recording studio!